Mining Projects


Over the past 25 years, McGregor Surveys has managed surveying work for large scale mine development projects in Western Australia, interstate, Asia and Africa.

We can provide all the expertise, personnel and equipment to set up your project and take it from an exploration phase to a fully operational mine. The services we provide include:

  • Setup survey control to the local nominated grid or to the national adopted grid and maintain all survey control throughout the lifecycle of the project;
  • Audit earthwork contractors for setout accuracy and end of month volumes;
  • Ensuring contractors are working off the relevant drawing revisions;
  • Audit civil contractors and ensure holding down bolts are set to design coordinates;
  • Ensure verticality of formwork and that all cast-in items are positioned to the latest design drawings;
  • Setup the underground services model¬†¬† procedure and manage it with respect to excavation and backfill permits;
  • Audit structural, mechanical and piping contractors to ensure all setout is conducted with the latest design drawings;
  • Prepare permit requests and drafting services on site to assist the Engineering Managers;
  • Final preparation of all as-builts for all underground services; and
  • Final 3D laser scan as-builts of all structures to prepare asset registers for the operations phase.

Services include;

  • Setup initial control network
  • Provision of project surveyors
  • Audit survey on all engineering structures
  • Underground services management
  • Drafting services
  • 3D laser scanning to produce final as-built