Commercial Construction


Our team of Licensed Surveyors and Engineering Surveyors work closely together to ensure all necessary information is transferred from the cadastre to the design grids to enable the required accuracies of all project(s).

Our teams are always ready to go when requested from our clients and we are never too far away to produce prompt service to your project. All necessary grids are set out on request and we communicate to all our clients with written reports or drawings showing all set out points and datums.

We will always provide you with our most experienced surveyors throughout the full life of your project, providing you continuity of service without compromising accuracy and quality of the work.

Services include;

  • Tie into cadastral network and establish boundary for commencement of construction
  • Setout for early works – earthworks, piling and services
  • Setout grids for concrete foundations
  • Provide height datums to all subcontractors
  • Check verticality of structures
  • Setout service penetrations on floor slabs
  • Extend survey control to all floors of building