McGregor Surveys is a privately owned Western Australian Company and was initiated in 1993 by Brad McGregor.

With comprehensive experience in many industries, McGregor Surveys deals in varied markets throughout Western Australia and beyond. We have experience in the land development, commercial construction, engineering services and mining development sectors and can provide any surveying requirements within these industries.

McGregor Surveys can deliver a fully operational model by firstly setting up your project with survey control based from existing survey monuments or from the Western Australian cadastral system. We can then assist in the construction through the life cycle of your project or assist in the development process by obtaining all regulatory requirements for your land development. We can then finalise your project by producing final as-builts of all engineering structures or help in obtaining your certificates of title in a Land Development subdivision.

Built on our core values of reliability, honesty, efficiency and, integrity, our team is committed to delivering a quality deliverable in a safe, cost saving manner which will meet your expectations. We look forward to working with you to successfully deliver your project to your necessary requirements.